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iOS5 a couple more wallpapers

Figured i’d make a few more wallpapers… got tired of the first one. Enjoy!

R.Layout.Main cannot be resolved?

I was working on a small project of mine and, all of a sudden, my project started giving a bunch of errors. From the layout that wasn’t resolved, to class variables, it was a mess and extremely weird. Tried cleaning… Continue Reading →

Want to get started on Android app development?

If you want to start developing for a mobile platform such as Android, you should, at least, be familiar with Object-Oriented programming languages. If you are, and you know Java, even better! Now, what do you need to start developing… Continue Reading →

iOS5 – I have it already

Officially, it comes out October 14th but the final version (also known as Gold Master) is available for Developers.   For the complete list of features please visit Apple’s Office website:

iPhone 4S sells One MILLION in 24 hours.

The official press release can be found here: World crisis, anyone?   (ps: I want one!)

Steve Jobs – The man who shaped the world

In a time where innovation seems unreachable due to the velocity technology evolves leaving no room for invention and everything seems (to our humble and simple eyes) to be already invented and discovered, Steve Jobs managed to bring innovation several… Continue Reading →

UI (User Interface) is key to a successfull application.

Now, more than ever, everything is about the looks. Not just technology, everything. There’s a big difference between entering an office where everybody’s desks have piles of papers scattered around, documents on the floor and the employees dressed as if… Continue Reading →

Cydia failed to install…

I’ve jailbreaked several iPhones by now and everything went smooth until the day I was doing the usual greenpois0n ritual and Loader failed to install Cydia. I got the “Low memory, please free some space” sort of message (while having… Continue Reading →

A new age…

Been a while since my last post. A lot has happened and most of it is not really worth writing about. Now what is actually worth it, is the fact that, about 2 days ago I lost my head and… Continue Reading →

Facebook is unavailable

According to Facebook twitter, facebook is currently experiencing some technical difficulties. ( I’m sorry farmville addicts, all your crops died. Though luck! Update: – Funny, uh?

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