Software Developer @ Salsa Jeans

since: 11th December 2009

DNA (PLM): Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software built specifically for Salsa – Full implementation of the Product Development and Lifecycle process from the Innovation & Development (collections), Sampling/Size Set and Quality to its mainstream Production to deliver on Salsa markets – Integration with SAP (in development)

Physical Stores and B2C Channel: A web services layer built on a completely independent infrastructure using high end, high performance technology with failover and load balancing. This projected consisted in a) full set-up of a nginx environment and several nodes and b) the development of REST/JSON Web Services to support the integration of online processes with Salsa physical stores. (Nginx, Apache, PHP, REST/JSON, MySQL, SQL Server and RSA authentication) (in development

▪ Conference: Integrated with the Expedition Line, implements the quality process in the expedition process. Tracks the picking errors and gives the operators the exact location within the warehouse to pick the missing item(s). Also, generates several reports with efficiency indicators based on the amount of errors detected. (C#, integrated with WMS, Reporting Services)

▪ Expedition Line: Supports the expedition process on our Logistics facility. It automatizes expedition operations based on the client, its country and time of the day, such as the generation of product price labels, package packing list, airway-bills and package weighting. (C#, integrated with ERP and WMS)

Customer Loyalty (Salsa STAR): Internalization of the client loyalty program which included the migration from the partner MySQL database into a new SQL Server database structure, re-designing the whole webservices processes to integrate with our new website (, database operation and automatisms such as: data validation and auto-correction, duplicate client detection, password generation, support for SMS and E-mail contacts, interface with our 2 POS (Colombus and CBR) and auditing mechanisms to help detect missing client files at the POS and vice-versa, point and level calculation routines based on the client shopping history, point expiration, campaigns, etc. [watch video – a mini video showing the day of the migration]

Formação / Class Management – Supports the Human Capital department by providing them with a tool that allows them to manage professional quailications provided by the company or by external entities.

MASP – Used by international sales representatives to manage and track our international clients orders. This application aggregates all of the information need by our sales representatives to assist our multibrand client agents and clients, and manage their orders. From the logistics user stand point, it allows a better planning of expedition and a better control of what was shipped, which Transporter Company is delivering it and when it will arrive at destination. This application is also used on our Logistics facility to help them plan their daily expeditions and plan its operators work load. (C#, integrated with ERP)

Expedition – A tool that helps the logistics expedition process to track packages info (articles and quantities) and establish a comparison between the information within our ERP and our WMS. This tool also allows Logistics to auto-generate airway bills for several transport partners (Azkar, UPS, etc.) and assists the Reception process by identifying the exact location of an article within our Warehouse.

Labeling – Allows the employees in Salsa stores to print labels on demand. It is also used by our international partners to print all sorts of Salsa price labels in a variety of languages, making the process more automatic and independent.

SGP – This tool is used for the annual employee evaluation within Salsa Jeans. Evaluation is made by technical competences, social and internal metrics. Also provides the Human Capital team with valuable information about which employees have a higher potential and performance to take new professional challenges and to help the employees develop competences they need for their day-to-day activies.

▪ Webservices for the Salsa Jeans B2C website that provide and receive critical information to make the whole “buyer to customer” process possible. I’ve also developed the system that provides the Logistics area with automatic generation and printing of airway bills to turn the whole shipment process faster.

Between April and July 2010 I was part of the team that developed the interfaces between Salsa Portugal and Salsa USA.