In a time where innovation seems unreachable due to the velocity technology evolves leaving no room for invention and everything seems (to our humble and simple eyes) to be already invented and discovered, Steve Jobs managed to bring innovation several times throughout his career – and I’m not talking about iPhone, although that is the most notable and well-known product released by Apple during Job’s administration. Granted his career was not made just¬†out of success, and his failures were often theme of discussion on his presentations and speeches, you will remember Steve Jobs as the man who changed the concept of computers and portable devices and kicked off the era of smart phones, handheld devices and gadgets in general and one of the fire starters of Natural User Interfaces.

His vision, business philosophy and strategy are a genuine motivation to anyone and will be for many years to come. He was known to be a micro-manager (a concept most of the executives nowadays do not believe, specially if we’re talking about big companies where high-level management is king) and sometimes aggressive, he still knew and managed to deliver trust to each of his co-workers as that was the true foundation of Apple working environment and team spirit.

Viewing some of the videos available on YouTube from Steve Jobs’s early days will make you wonder where and when exactly was Steve Jobs mind living in. He speaks of certain concepts with such excitement and imprints on them so many futuristic possibilities that it makes you think if he was, unconsciously, living in the future.

Thinking that, in the early 2000’s Steve Jobs had an idea for a multi-touch tablet which lead Steve to create the iPhone shows the intelligence and vision he had of the future. Back then the only touch screens most people knew were the ones from PDA devices and some ATM machines – which only worked half of the times and required you to either push real hard on the screen, use a Stylus pen or use a combination of both – nobody could’ve imagine the potential a touch screen had and what it would become a few years later.

Steve Jobs died yesterday, October 5th 2011 from cancer. He was a genius, a visionary, an incredible leader and an inspiration to my generation and younger. He will be remembered for many decades to come and his world changing contribute to technology ignited the fire of the modern age.


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