I’ve jailbreaked several iPhones by now and everything went smooth until the day I was doing the usual greenpois0n ritual and Loader failed to install Cydia. I got the “Low memory, please free some space” sort of message (while having craploads of GB’s free on the iPhone), Cydia icon on the springboard was blank – just like the Loader icon – and everytime I tried to open it nothing happened.

Obviously, going back to Loader and hitting the Install Cydia button gave me the “Cydia already installed” message. So how can I uninstall Cydia, since it’s considered a system application and you can’t uninstall it like a usual app? I went to the best to find the answer: Google and every single search result pointed me to a solution where accessing the iPhone via SSH was the solution. Problem is, I have just jailbreaked the iPhone, I had no applications installed whatsoever so obviously I had no SSH access to it.

So, here’s how I manage to reinstall Cydia without restoring the iPhone and without SSH access. I came across this very usefull app called iPhone Browser that basically allows you to navigate through the iPhone’s memory disk. I installed it, opened it while having my data cable connected to my PC and let it read the iPhone’s content. Then I went to the Applications folder and looked up for the “Cydia.app” folder. At this point I made a backup of the folder (just in case, you never know…) – which you don’t need to do as the application does it automatically when you do the following steps.
Then, I right clicked on the folder and clicked on the “Delete” folder option. You let the iPhone Browser do its work and have the folder removed. Now you can close it up and check your Spring Board, you’ll notice that the Cydia application icon has vanished. Get on Loader again and you can reinstall Cydia with no problems.