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Photography and Video Class – The End.

About 2 months ago, I wrote about a photography and video class. It was my intention to write about them weekly and turn those posts into some sort of a summary that would form a mini dossier for this class…. Continue Reading →

Rant of the month

Because the “a picture is worth a thousand words” cliché sometimes just doesn’t cut it and the dictionary itself is rather incomplete to come up with a faithful description of whatever travels through the axons of the human brain, I… Continue Reading →

Tree of Life at the 10 Most hated movies of 2011

from Wired (article: 10 Most Hated Movies of 2011) Hailed by critics, The Tree of Life is nearly three hours of director Terrence Malick indulging his worst impulses and torturing those moviegoers who are too smart to fall prey to… Continue Reading →

I miss…

The late 90’s, early 2000’s. The Microsoft IRCX bot nets. The internet boom and the dial up connections. The appearance of MP3 and Napster. The ICMP_ECHO floods and all the other Windows Nukes. ICMPSwitch, Unabomber and Divine Intervention. The IRC… Continue Reading →

One year ago…

Salsa STAR project was taken down from its home servers in Lisbon, Portugal to be brought right into Salsa Jeans headquarters. Over 4 months of work, meetings and coding I had to guarantee the migration happened smoothly and with the… Continue Reading →

Why we should listen to everybody

I was thinking about this today while I was driving to the mall to buy a few things… It’s not everyday that we are capable to listen to what someone has to say. Our capacity to listen to someone else… Continue Reading →

Will try…

In the midst of what is going to be a pain in the ass week, I will be trying to gather some info about all of my projects (professional-wise) and create a page here just for that. Been a while… Continue Reading →

Software developers? What is that?

I’m a software developer. Intellectuals call us “software engineers”, minimalists stick with “programmers” and idiots call us “code monkeys”. So, what’s the truth? To be honest, none of these definitions really illustrates what a software developer is, and if you… Continue Reading →

My new corner…

Hey! Welcome to my… well, let’s just call it corner. While some of you might have this weird deja vu feeling, the majority of you will just experience a very strange sensation of time being robbed off of your life…. Continue Reading →

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