So today I had my very first class. We went through the very basics of taking a picture.

imageThe process of taking a picture is always split in three moments. Visualize, understand and learning the environment, that will be the first. You shouldn’t be trigger happy and shoot a bunch of picture hoping one will come out perfect or as you idealized it. You have to get involved with your surroundings and learn from it. See what happens, how everything moves. The second one is composition, best angle, best framing. Finally, comes the technical part where you work with light and exposure.

We went through a selection of photos the teacher (Duarte Neves, if you’re interested) chose, discussed and analyzed them. How they were taken, light position, composition etc. The concepts of light and contrast were also explained and he gave us some pratical examples for better understanding.

All in all it was a blast! Can’t wait for the next lessons!

The worst part of it all is the fact that its 11.54pm and I’m on the train home writing this.