I’m a software developer. Intellectuals call us “software engineers”, minimalists stick with “programmers” and idiots call us “code monkeys”.

So, what’s the truth? To be honest, none of these definitions really illustrates what a software developer is, and if you think about it, the average person doesn’t even know what exactly software stands for, so clearly they have no clue.

A software developer is a creator, an artist who’s artwork is based on ideas, thoughts and, in a lot of cases, other people’s dreams (really!) – this is me being poetical about it, hah. Developers are the reason why I’m able to write this post on my blog, the reason why I got a browser to see it and, ultimately, the reason why my computer is able to run my OS and all of its applications. If your knowledge about this subject is above the average you could probably say that the reason why you got any of these things is because someone thought of it. Clearly. However, you should never forget that, even if the developer didn’t think of it, the person who built it was, in fact, a developer. I usually joke about it and say “you think of it, we make it happen” and in all fairness, that’s pretty much how the story goes. We basically grab your idea/request, break it down into small logical pieces, translate it into code and tada, your computer now does what you wanted. The possibilities are endeless, sky truly is the limit.

I probably painted a surrealist picture, I know. But the idea is there, and I’m sure you can get it. Personally, sometimes it just sucks to know that people don’t appreciate your knowledge and the potential you have…